Jaw Pain, TMJ, and Botox

Jaw Pain can be treated with Botox

Many people suffer from jaw and facial pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction. When I discuss their symptoms, it is often paired with headaches that begin in the forehead and side of the head. They have trouble opening their mouths and sometimes hear clicking in their joint with chewing. Sometimes they have neck and shoulder pain. Some of them say their sleep is disrupted.

Do any of these symptoms, one or all, sound familiar to you? You could be suffering unnecessarily with TMJ issues.

Several factors could contribute to TMJ syndrome. Stress, poor teeth alignment, and in some cases sleep apnea. When you come into my office, I will make recommendations based on a thorough examination that includes muscle testing.

Jaw Pain

There are several ways to treat TMJ and one of them is to place warm compresses on the face and neck. If the patient is in severe pain, we begin with Botox. Botulinum Toxin is used to relax the muscle. By relaxing muscles that are in spasm, allows you to have increased mobility, and it relieves the pain! Another treatment can be a review of your bite or occlusion to determine if properly aligning your teeth is needed. At that time, we can discuss Invisalign treatments. Yet another way is a nightguard. This is fabricated to cover either your upper teeth or lower teeth. By wearing this appliance, the patient eliminates the tooth to tooth wear and gives your muscles a rest. Often times we will coordinate appointments with a Physical Therapist to evaluate your neck and back, which are also contributing