Does Your Bedroom Promote Deep Sleep?

Getting restful, good sleep is necessary to lead healthy and productive lives. And while bedrooms were designed to be an oasis of slumber, for many adults, sleep just doesn’t come easy.

Could you use a deeper night of sleep? Give these tips a try.

• Remove heavily scented items from your space. Some fragrances contain volatile organic compounds, which may compromise air quality and even cause poor sleep. Instead, skip air fresheners or synthetic candles for naturally scented products or essential oils.

• Keep phones, tablets, and laptops away from your bed-or even out of the room. Keeping them in your bedroom may increase temptation to send a text or email.

• If your sleep is being disrupted by snoring (or a snoring partner), give us a call. We’ve helped many people just like you sleep soundly with custom-fit oral appliances.