Cosmetic Dentistry – Veneers

Veneers  are an easy way to improve your Smile

VeneersIf you wondered about how to improve your smile, you probably heard about cosmetic dentistry options.  Maybe you have not looked into it because you are not sure where to go, choices to make, or the length of time it would take to have a better smile.

One of the options to improve your smile are dental veneers. They are a custom-fit, thin porcelain covering that is placed over the visible part of the tooth.  Veneers are specially made to make your teeth look natural and can correct many issues like chipped or worn teeth, discoloration, and uneven spacing.  Included in the treatment are temporary veneers to allow you to see the result and function of the veneers.    Many patients choose veneers as part of their comprehensive smile makeover.  Teeth whitening, gum recontouring can be combined with veneers to give a brilliant result.  It takes just a few appointments! 

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