Accelerate your Clear Aligners

Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to accelerate your clear aligner orthodontic treatment? 

Here are some simple solutions you can use to get the smile you always wanted!

  1. Propel: this is a system that uses a micro-perforation technique to stimulate bone growth and accelerate tooth movement.  It can reduce treatment time by up to 60%
  2. Chewies: This is an Invisalign product that functions to eliminate the air space between the aligner and the teeth.  The chewie provides a more comfortable and efficient method to provide a uniform force to seat the aligner properly
  3. AcceleDent: This is a device that uses micro pulses to help accelerate tooth movement.  It is used for 20 minutes a day and can speed up treatment by up to 50%

Clear Aligners themselves can be used to straighten teeth faster than traditional braces.  There are so many advantages. They are more comfortable and can be removed for eating and cleaning, and allows easier oral hygiene during the treatment when compared to traditional braces. 

These tooth movement aids are the best way to speed up the process and ensure the radiant smile you deserve.

Invisalign Propel

Invisalign Propel will shorten your treatment time

Chewy for better seating

Chewy to ensure proper seating of clear aligners